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8485-018485-01 high-res image
"Burbank Road" sign.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 18:03:04)

8485-028485-02 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 18:10:10)

8485-038485-03 high-res image
Caitlin Doolittle.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 18:13)

8485-048485-04 high-res image
Jasmine Perkins.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 18:28:22)

8485-068485-06 high-res image
Debra Perkins and Emerald Ivy.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 18:29)

8485-088485-08 high-res image
Caitlin Doolittle in red, discussing Pleats. Jasmine Perkins and Sarah Goldberg in background.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 18:32:50)

8485-098485-09 high-res image
Isaac Swim, Maria Rodriguez, Roberta Fronteras, Emerald seated, and Debra Perkins.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 18:32:58)

8485-108485-10 high-res image
Katie Guild.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 18:33:08)

8485-118485-11 high-res image
Caitlin Doolittle and Colleen Cotelessa, knitting.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 19:12:56)

8485-128485-12 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez and Laura Manley. Maria is working on a petticoat.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 19:37:02)

8485-138485-13 high-res image
Emerald Ivy and Colleen Cotelessa in the background. Jasmine Perkins in background in green, Caitlin in foreground in red, Laura Manley standing in background and Victoria seated.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 20:35:26)

8485-148485-14 high-res image
Victoria Shapero seated foreground left, Caitlin Doolittle teaching Pleats Workshop, Jennifer Turner and Ellen Everett background.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 20:36:02)

8485-158485-15 high-res image
Caitlin Doolittle.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 20:36:24)

8485-168485-16 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez in the petticoat she just made.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 21:44:28)

8485-178485-17 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez, wearing her new petticoat; Emerald and Ellen in background; and Sarah Goldberg, standing.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 22:25:42)

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