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8483-018483-01 high-res image
Snow at Frazier Woods. The indentation in the wheelbarrow is from where I scooped up a cooler full of snow.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 08:18:06)

8483-028483-02 high-res image
Louie Tejeda, wearing the pajama pants he mae last night.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 08:18:26)

8483-038483-03 high-res image
Jennifer Turner, in her new new pajama pants.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 08:18:52)

8483-048483-04 high-res image
Mary Jane Jewell, ready to go home.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 08:49:36)

8483-058483-05 high-res image
Jennifer Turner.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 08:52:42)

8483-068483-06 high-res image
Nancy Whitehurst, our chef.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 08:58:46)

8483-07 high-res image, 8483-08 high-res image, 8483-09 high-res image.
Victoria Shapero. She is teaching the Costume Breakdown class, which deals with how to get started, planning, research, etc.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 09:16:18)

8483-108483-10 high-res image
Emerald Ivy.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 11:07:12)

8483-118483-11 high-res image
Isaac (obscured) at left, Ellen Everett and Emerald Ivy teaching everyone about Resin Casting.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 11:42:06)

8483-128483-12 high-res image
Jennifer at the Resin Casting table.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 11:42:16)

8483-138483-13 high-res image
Danielle in the background left. Maria Rodriguez in red pouring. Victoria Shapero seated in background, Laura Manley standing next to Isaac (obscured).
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 11:55:08)

8483-148483-14 high-res image
Lisa Klassen-Barnes. She is teaching us about Aging Fabrics.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 12:32)

8483-158483-15 high-res image
Lisa Klassen-Barnes.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 12:51:30)

8483-168483-16 high-res image
Lisa Klassen-Barnes.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 12:52:10)

8483-178483-17 high-res image
Roberta Fronteras standing next to Laura Manley.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2012 12:59:10)

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