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8481-018481-01 high-res image
Victoria Shapero, Ellen Everett and Danielle McCann, at the Flying J/Denny's.
(Friday 13-Apr-2012 19:11:06)

8481-028481-02 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez and Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Victoria Shapero]
(Friday 13-Apr-2012 19:11:20)

8481-03 high-res image, 8481-04 high-res image.
Victoria Shapero.
(Friday 13-Apr-2012 19:11:34)

8481-05 high-res image, 8481-06 high-res image.
Sarah Goldberg.
(Friday 13-Apr-2012 20:44:54)

8481-078481-07 high-res image
Rebecca Rowan.
(Friday 13-Apr-2012 22:23:28)

8481-088481-08 high-res image
Mary Jane Jewell, Colleen Cotelessa standing, and Jennifer Turner.
(Friday 13-Apr-2012 22:23:44)

8481-098481-09 high-res image
Katie Guild.
(Friday 13-Apr-2012 22:24)

8481-118481-11 high-res image
Louie Tejeda.
(Friday 13-Apr-2012 22:24:24)

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