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8448-018448-01 high-res image
Sombrero Mexican Food, exterior.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2012 09:41)

8448-028448-02 high-res image
Chicken Breasts in Poblano Sauce sign at Trader Joe's.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2012 10:22:18)

8448-038448-03 high-res image
This is what the Chicken Breasts in Poblano Sauce packaging looks like. It reminded me of their Italian entrees.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2012 10:23:40)

8448-048448-04 high-res image
Pancho Villa Farmer's Market. They have lots and lots of Mexican groceries here.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2012 10:44:14)

8448-058448-05 high-res image
Smart and Final had a huge stack of toilet paper blocking the aisle.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2012 11:33:50)

8448-078448-07 high-res image
Mary Newman.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2012 13:54:18)

8448-088448-08 high-res image
Mary's badge has a "Fed, released and monitored" badge ribbon.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2012 13:54:28)

8448-098448-09 high-res image
Someone and somebody.
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(Saturday 03-Mar-2012 14:19:46)

8448-10 high-res image, 8448-11 high-res image, 8448-12 high-res image.
Sarah Goldberg.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2012 14:20:16)

8448-138448-13 high-res image
Felicia Demaio.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2012 14:43:40)

8448-148448-14 high-res image
Rachael Linker at dinner's (Applebee's).
(Saturday 03-Mar-2012 18:33:42)

8448-158448-15 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2012 18:34:16)

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