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8435-018435-01 high-res image
I'm moving into room 2138. It's one of the closest rooms to the lobby.
(Thursday 16-Feb-2012 19:07:34)

8435-028435-02 high-res image
Room 2138 has a fridge inside a cabinet.
(Thursday 16-Feb-2012 19:10:38)

8435-038435-03 high-res image
Chas Hoff.
(Thursday 16-Feb-2012 19:23:12)

8435-048435-04 high-res image
Scott Beckstead.
(Thursday 16-Feb-2012 19:23:24)

8435-058435-05 high-res image
Marcie Hansen and Scott.
(Thursday 16-Feb-2012 19:23:58)

8435-068435-06 high-res image
Someone in Tech.
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(Thursday 16-Feb-2012 19:24:34)

8435-078435-07 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg.
(Thursday 16-Feb-2012 19:39:56)

8435-08 high-res image, 8435-10 high-res image.
Steffnee Peterman.
(Thursday 16-Feb-2012 19:40:20)

8435-098435-09 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Steffnee Peterman]
(Thursday 16-Feb-2012 19:40:32)

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