Lunch trucks at the Fairgounds (01-Dec-2011)

Rev. 04-Jan-2012 01:02:52

8379-018379-01 high-res image
"Boo-Yah" truck.
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:11:58)

8379-028379-02 high-res image
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:12:09)

8379-038379-03 high-res image
Home Skillet.
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:12:29)

8379-048379-04 high-res image
Bacon Mania.
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:12:38)

8379-108379-10 high-res image
Back Mania menu. I had the Piggy Back Sliders -- pulled pork and bacon sandwiches.
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:15:41)

8379-058379-05 high-res image
California Grill Truck.
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:12:58)

8379-068379-06 high-res image
Dos Chinos Tacos.
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:13:04)

8379-078379-07 high-res image
The Burnt Truck.
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:13:13)

8379-088379-08 high-res image
The Lime Truck.
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:13:22)

8379-098379-09 high-res image
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:13:32)

8379-118379-11 high-res image
Belgian ("Liege") Waffle menu.
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:36:34)

8379-128379-12 high-res image
Belgian waffle with bacon and cheese. And maple syrup on the side.
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:41:45)

8379-138379-13 high-res image
Kurt's tacos.
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:42:19)

8379-148379-14 high-res image
Bill's ice cream/cookie sandwich.
(Thursday 01-Dec-2011 12:42:27)