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8375-018375-01 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez having a drink in a teacup.
(Saturday 26-Nov-2011 22:21:08)

8375-068375-06 high-res image
Maria takes a drink. Kim Rose was part of the kitchen team.
(Saturday 26-Nov-2011 22:51:30)

8375-028375-02 high-res image
Leigh Ann Hildebrand, Cathy Beckstead and España Sheriff. Three girls, three cups.
(Saturday 26-Nov-2011 22:37:15)

8375-038375-03 high-res image
Roger Rose.
(Saturday 26-Nov-2011 22:47:56)

8375-048375-04 high-res image
Fruit kebabs, veggie kebabs, sausage and cheese, and so forth.
(Saturday 26-Nov-2011 22:50:58)

8375-058375-05 high-res image
Hot dog chunks and meatballs, with frill toothpicks.
(Saturday 26-Nov-2011 22:51:09)

8375-078375-07 high-res image
Mother Thing, who knit herself Leia-style earmuffs.
(Sunday 27-Nov-2011 00:50:01)

8375-088375-08 high-res image
Victoria Shapero.
(Sunday 27-Nov-2011 00:50:11)

8375-098375-09 high-res image
Rachael Linker as "Darth Maul."
(Sunday 27-Nov-2011 01:43:17)

8375-108375-10 high-res image
Adrian Davis and Michael Pao.
(Sunday 27-Nov-2011 01:58:50)

8375-118375-11 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg.
(Sunday 27-Nov-2011 03:13:26)

8375-12 high-res image, 8375-13 high-res image.
Tom Veal, Keith Thompson, and Kate Morgenstern at "Prime Time Party."
(Sunday 27-Nov-2011 04:42:51)

8375-148375-14 high-res image
A host of the "Prime Time Party" (name withheld by request) and John Dougan.
(Sunday 27-Nov-2011 04:43:15)

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