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8366-028366-02 high-res image
Laptop Sound Port patch cable.
(Sunday 13-Nov-2011 15:27:13)

8366-038366-03 high-res image
Someone and somebody.
(Sunday 13-Nov-2011 15:50:01)

8366-048366-04 high-res image
Taiko group.
(Sunday 13-Nov-2011 16:01:47)

8366-058366-05 high-res image
Someone, someone else, somebody, Richard Stott, somebody else, and three others.
(Sunday 13-Nov-2011 17:24:32)

8366-068366-06 high-res image
Someone, someone else, Richard Stott in fez, somebody, somebody else, and two others.
(Sunday 13-Nov-2011 17:24:45)

8366-078366-07 high-res image
Someone, somebody, and someone else.
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(Sunday 13-Nov-2011 17:43:36)

8366-088366-08 high-res image
A topiary pony at Bellagio.
(Sunday 13-Nov-2011 20:41:53)

8366-098366-09 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Cathy Beckstead]
(Monday 14-Nov-2011 10:42:20)

8366-108366-10 high-res image
Cathy Beckstead.
(Monday 14-Nov-2011 10:42:31)

8366-118366-11 high-res image
Cathy Beckstead at the Alien Fresh Jerky UFO parking lot.
(Monday 14-Nov-2011 13:41:41)

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