Rebecca and more shirts (Oct/Nov-2011)

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Rev. 14-Dec-2011 01:02:00

8341-018341-01 high-res image
Some new shirts that Rebecca has brought to us.
(Sunday 16-Oct-2011 15:51:54)

8341-028341-02 high-res image
Pink with flowers and peace signs.
(Sunday 16-Oct-2011 15:52:14)

8341-038341-03 high-res image
Rebecca and a purple shirt with cherry blossoms.
(Sunday 16-Oct-2011 15:52:28)

8341-048341-04 high-res image
Rebecca Rowan actually has made us two matching purple shirts with cherry blossoms.
(Sunday 16-Oct-2011 15:52:40)

8341-058341-05 high-res image
Rebecca Rowan has made me a black shirt with yellow, pink, orange, and purple-blue flamingos.
(Sunday 16-Oct-2011 15:52:58)

8341-068341-06 high-res image
Rebecca Rowan and a black shirt with multiple color pawprints.
(Sunday 16-Oct-2011 15:53:14)

8341-078341-07 high-res image
Rebecca Rowan with a red shirt with spaceships, flying saucers, and another one with Animé Los Angeles logos, mascots.
(Friday 04-Nov-2011 12:50:36)