Moving Maria (08/09/23-Oct-2011)

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8340-018340-01 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez holding the black Mission-style three-legged chair.
(Saturday 08-Oct-2011 16:38:57)

8340-028340-02 high-res image
Medical implements at the urgent care facility in Fullerton.
(Sunday 09-Oct-2011 15:17:52)

8340-03 high-res image, 8340-04 high-res image.
I got a splinter moving one of Maria's pieces of furniture.
(Sunday 09-Oct-2011 15:18:20)

8340-058340-05 high-res image
LASFS by day. The official address is 6012 Tyrone, but 6016 is where the marquee is.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 11:15:37)

8340-068340-06 high-res image
Nifty identifying duct tape for easy moving. Brilliant idea.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 12:06:20)

8340-078340-07 high-res image
At the old apartment complex.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 12:32:12)

8340-088340-08 high-res image
I crunched the top of the truck trying to get in.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 12:43:23)

8340-098340-09 high-res image
Cathy Beckstead.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 12:54:19)

8340-108340-10 high-res image
Scott Beckstead.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 12:59:47)

8340-118340-11 high-res image
Connor Foss.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 13:04:25)

8340-128340-12 high-res image
Justine Reynolds and Maria Rodriguez.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 13:06:18)

8340-138340-13 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez squeezes between the fridge and the counter/stove.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 13:10:54)

8340-148340-14 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez in the kitchen, pushing her refrigerator through.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 13:11:10)

8340-15 high-res image, 8340-17 high-res image.
Cathy Beckstead.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 13:14)

8340-168340-16 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden in his new black shirt with colorful flamingos. [Photo by Cathy Beckstead]
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 13:14:12)

8340-188340-18 high-res image
Scott Beckstead waits with the refrigerator.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 13:22:57)

8340-198340-19 high-res image
Scott Beckstead, Cathy Beckstead and Maria Rodriguez.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 14:58:01)