Visiting with Dae and Sarah (08/23-Oct-2011)

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8338-018338-01 high-res image
Daemon Snow at the place in Quartz Hill.
(Saturday 08-Oct-2011 18:04:47)

8338-028338-02 high-res image
Sarah's cat in the hall.
(Saturday 08-Oct-2011 19:52:32)

8338-038338-03 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg at her dining table.
(Saturday 08-Oct-2011 19:57:32)

8338-048338-04 high-res image
Mr. Gary and Sophie Goldberg.
(Saturday 08-Oct-2011 20:40:55)

8338-058338-05 high-res image
The poster we printed of Sophie Goldberg and Sarah Goldberg is hung up in Sophie's room.
(Saturday 08-Oct-2011 20:42:18)

8338-068338-06 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg at our house on a different occasion. It's early in the morning.
(Sunday 23-Oct-2011 07:57:57)