Kim, Michelle, Rebecca and some shirts (11/14-Aug-2011)

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Michelle Bergdahl and Kim Bergdahl.
(Thursday 11-Aug-2011 10:40:12)

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Rebeca Rowan and some new shirts. The blue and red dragon print is for Lynn, the red palm trees and polka dots is for me.
(Sunday 14-Aug-2011 11:15:04)

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Rebecca Rowan and a "Hello Kitty" shirt for Lynn.
(Sunday 14-Aug-2011 11:15:26)

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Rebecca Rowan with a lime green/pink flamingo shirt.
(Sunday 14-Aug-2011 11:15:54)

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Rebecca Rowan and a blue/red dragon shirt with two lime green/flamingo shirts.
(Sunday 14-Aug-2011 11:16:02)