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8210-018210-01 high-res image
Topiary elephant at San Diego Zoo entrance.
(Sunday 24-Jul-2011 10:20:26)

8210-028210-02 high-res image
Tour Booking Station at San Diego Zoo.
(Sunday 24-Jul-2011 10:20:55)

8210-038210-03 high-res image
Map of the San Diego Zoo.
(Sunday 24-Jul-2011 10:32:31)

8210-048210-04 high-res image
The flamingo exhibit made possible by a grant from the Dr. Seuss Foundation.
(Sunday 24-Jul-2011 10:33:26)

8210-058210-05 high-res image
(Sunday 24-Jul-2011 10:33:46)

8210-068210-06 high-res image
(Sunday 24-Jul-2011 11:17:35)

8210-088210-08 high-res image
Okapi, in the Ituri Forest.
(Sunday 24-Jul-2011 13:42:04)

8210-07 high-res image, 8210-09 high-res image, 8210-10 high-res image, 8210-11 high-res image, 8210-12 high-res image, 8210-13 high-res image.
(Sunday 24-Jul-2011 13:40:55)

8210-148210-14 high-res image
Lynn Baden is having a wonderful time because of the okapi.
(Sunday 24-Jul-2011 13:46:47)

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