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8048-028048-02 high-res image
Close-up of power receptacle on basketball pole.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:36:12)

8048-038048-03 high-res image
Basketball backboard pole also has a light fixture.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:36:30)

8048-048048-04 high-res image
Amphitheater. Suitable for large meetings. Lots of Qwik Benches.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:37:08)

8048-058048-05 high-res image
Stage area.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:37:36)

8048-068048-06 high-res image
Picnic table with plastic cover.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:38:12)

8048-078048-07 high-res image
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:38:56)

8048-088048-08 high-res image
"Harder Memorial Camp Fire Circle. Given in memory of Pleasant Howard Harder by his wife, Grace. First Baptist Church of Taft, 1972.
Click on picture, scroll down to submit caption info.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:39:10)

8048-098048-09 high-res image
Main lodge building, side view.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:39:54)

8048-11 high-res image, 8048-10 high-res image.
Canyon Hills bus. They have four or five buses, all different sizes.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 15:25:16)

8048-12 high-res image, 8048-13 high-res image, 8048-14 high-res image, 8048-15 high-res image, 8048-16 high-res image.
Sarah Goldberg.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 15:57:06)

8048-178048-17 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg at dinner.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 16:36:06)

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