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Burbank Road. Organization Camps: Frazier Woods, Camp Lakota G.S.U.S.A., Bethel in the Hills.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 13:55:22)

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Welcome to..... Frazier Woods Conference Center, a ministry of Canyon Hills Assembly of God.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:00:30)

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Main lodge building. Lynn at right.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:24:16)

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Typical bunk room.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:29:50)

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Common room of main lodge.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:30:54)

8047-108047-10 high-res image
Another typical bunk room.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:31:52)

8047-118047-11 high-res image
Basketball court.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:32:56)

8047-128047-12 high-res image
A mini lodge building, self-contained.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:33:10)

8047-04 high-res image, 8047-13 high-res image.
The two smaller lodge buildings.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:24:34)

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(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:26:20)

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A Quik Bench. It's just two plastic sides and five (or in the case, four) 2x4s.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:34:02)

8047-158047-15 high-res image
Luggage waiting on a bench.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:34:08)

8047-17 high-res image, 8047-16 high-res image.
Inside of a bunk room, cleaned up and ready to go.
(Sunday 06-Feb-2011 14:34:48)

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