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8039-018039-01 high-res image
Exterior, Natalie's place.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 12:58:52)

8039-028039-02 high-res image
Natalie's house has a wide door, suitable for bringing big pieces of furniture or appliances through.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 12:59:06)

8039-038039-03 high-res image
Elizabeth McCash.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:06:20)

8039-048039-04 high-res image
Diane Yoshitomi, parliamentarian.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:06:30)

8039-058039-05 high-res image
Kathy Lear, recording secretary.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:06:42)

8039-068039-06 high-res image
Jennifer Mulvey.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:07:54)

8039-078039-07 high-res image
Maegen Hensley, president.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:08:28)

8039-088039-08 high-res image
Natalie Meyer, treasurer.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:08:46)

8039-098039-09 high-res image
Kathy Lear on couch, and Fran Wasielewski, her ride.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:10:46)

8039-10 high-res image, 8039-11 high-res image, 8039-12 high-res image, 8039-13 high-res image, 8039-14 high-res image, 8039-15 high-res image.
Fran Wasielewski, who wanted me to take a couple of shots.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:11:14)

8039-168039-16 high-res image
Shawn Crosby, director at large.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:14:16)

8039-17 high-res image, 8039-19 high-res image.
Elizabeth McCash.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:16:34)

8039-188039-18 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Elizabeth McCash]
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:16:44)

8039-208039-20 high-res image
Kathy Lear at left.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:17:04)

8039-218039-21 high-res image
Colleen Crosby, vice president, and Maegen Hensley, president.
(Sunday 30-Jan-2011 13:17:26)

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