Shopping with Lynn (23-Jan-2011)

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Ruby's at South Coast Plaza Crystal has been remodeled within an inch of its life. The white and red booths are gone. So are most of the portrayals of Ruby, the inspiration/mascot.
(Sunday 23-Jan-2011 12:28:22)

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Even the bumper car has been refinished in a faux wood paneling.
(Sunday 23-Jan-2011 12:28:30)

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There are no menus on the table anymore.
(Sunday 23-Jan-2011 12:28:52)

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Retro posters, instead of the Coca-Cola ads.
(Sunday 23-Jan-2011 12:29:24)

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Upstairs from Ruby's is a place called "Emo Home."
(Sunday 23-Jan-2011 13:21:56)

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Lynn Baden found some clothes she likes.
(Sunday 23-Jan-2011 14:14:48)