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7981-017981-01 high-res image
David Clark.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 20:56:28)

7981-027981-02 high-res image
Glenn Glazer, Vincent Docherty and Tom Veal.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 20:58:50)

7981-037981-03 high-res image
Deb Geisler.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:01:02)

7981-047981-04 high-res image
Deb's button: "No sympathy for self-inflicted wounds."
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:01:30)

7981-057981-05 high-res image
Team LOL (Diane Lacey, Jeff Orth, Ruth Lichtwardt) announce the Toronto in 2013 SMOFcon bid.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:05:48)

7981-067981-06 high-res image
Regina Reynante.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:11:30)

7981-077981-07 high-res image
Regina Reynante.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:11:38)

7981-087981-08 high-res image
Regina Reynante and Bobbi Armbruster.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:14:20)

7981-097981-09 high-res image
Andy Trembley.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:20:26)

7981-107981-10 high-res image
Christine Doyle (QelDoQ) and Bobbi Armbruster.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:21:12)

7981-117981-11 high-res image
Chris foreground left (obscured), Sarah Schisser in red and Kevin Roche.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:22:08)

7981-127981-12 high-res image
Chris Garcia foreground left, Josh Schisser in black, Sarah Schisser, and Kevin Roche.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:22:14)

7981-137981-13 high-res image
Kevin at left, someone in red in foreground, Andy Trembley, Chris Garcia and Stephen Nelson at right.
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(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:22:24)

7981-147981-14 high-res image
Laurie Mann.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:27:24)

7981-167981-16 high-res image
The Kansas City in 2016 WorldCon proto-bid committee: Jeff Orth, Diane Lacey, Ruth Lichtwardt, Jim Murray, Jesi Lipp, John Platt, Margene Bahm, Aurora Celeste, Kate Kligman.
(Saturday 04-Dec-2010 21:39:34)

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