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Thanks to Steffnee Peterman, Rebecca Rowan for caption help on this page.

7958-017958-01 high-res image
David Guon.
(Friday 26-Nov-2010 17:01:30)

7958-027958-02 high-res image
Kagome and the pack of "SILLY RIBBON."
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(Friday 26-Nov-2010 17:18:34)

7958-037958-03 high-res image
Anna Kaye Poliner and Mark Poliner.
(Friday 26-Nov-2010 17:19:08)

7958-047958-04 high-res image
Steffnee Peterman and Aurora Owens.
(Friday 26-Nov-2010 17:33:34)

7958-057958-05 high-res image
Robin Price and Kemi Price.
(Friday 26-Nov-2010 17:38:48)

7958-067958-06 high-res image
Shawn and Alex Pournelle.
(Friday 26-Nov-2010 17:39:10)

7958-077958-07 high-res image
Shawn Crosby and Alex Pournelle.
(Friday 26-Nov-2010 17:39:22)

7958-087958-08 high-res image
Kris Bauer.
(Friday 26-Nov-2010 17:44:50)

7958-097958-09 high-res image
Alec Orrock and Lynn Baden at the Anime Los Angeles table.
(Friday 26-Nov-2010 18:18:16)

7958-10 high-res image, 7958-11 high-res image.
Joyce Hooper and Kate Capps.
(Friday 26-Nov-2010 18:24:22)

7958-127958-12 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg and Daemon Snow.
(Friday 26-Nov-2010 18:59:46)

7958-137958-13 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg.
(Friday 26-Nov-2010 19:00:02)

7958-147958-14 high-res image
Sharon Sheffield and Mike Sheffield.
(Friday 26-Nov-2010 19:04:32)

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