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Red truck (Ford Lobo, which is basically a repackaged F-150) driven by Salvador Gonzalez was proceeding eastbound across lanes of traffic on the southbound California Hwy 55, at or around the McFadden ramp.

White Scion xB driven by myself was heading south on 55, having just transitioned from South I-5. My car was in lane 3, and hit the left rear corner of the red truck. In the 3/4-view pictures you can see that dent at the back of the truck.

Black Honda, in Lane 1, swerves (see skid marks in first picture) and hits spinning red truck on the right side.

Dodge Dakota truck in Lane 3 slows down for the accident, hits the back of the white Scion, pushing it out of most of Lane 3 and stops just past it.

7949-017949-01 high-res image
Looking south, from right next to Scion's driver door. Black and red vehicles are sharing Lane 1. Traffic is passing by slowly via the HOV lane.
(Saturday 20-Nov-2010 11:38:51)

7949-027949-02 high-res image
Looking west at Scion straddling Lanes 2/3.
(Saturday 20-Nov-2010 11:38:57)

7949-037949-03 high-res image
Looking south. Daniel Loniak, the 4th driver, joins us to see how we are.
(Saturday 20-Nov-2010 11:41:06)

7949-047949-04 high-res image
Looking west. Loniak's Dodge Dakota truck in Lane 3. It impacted the rear of my Scion.
(Saturday 20-Nov-2010 11:41:28)

7949-05 high-res image, 7949-08 high-res image.
Looking south. Another view of the black car and red truck. There's a dent near the left rear wheel, that was our point of impact. Insurance claim inspectors say that the white scuff on the front bumper is fresh damage, and is probably just where the red paint rubbed off from another impact such as the freeway divider.
(Saturday 20-Nov-2010 11:41:34)

7949-067949-06 high-res image
Looking north. Another look at the Scion straddling Lanes 2/3, and Loniak's truck. Note that the black truck is just past the Scion. First emergency vehicle was Santa Ana School Police, followed soon by Santa Ana Fire Department.
(Saturday 20-Nov-2010 11:41:40)

7949-077949-07 high-res image
Looking south. SAFD checking on everyone's health.
(Saturday 20-Nov-2010 11:46:04)

7949-097949-09 high-res image
This picture shows the deployed airbag in the Scion. Picture was taken after the car had been moved over to the shoulder, but before it was driven down the offramp.
(Saturday 20-Nov-2010 12:13:32)

Bottom of Edinger offramp.

7949-10 high-res image, 7949-11 high-res image.
Pictures of the car in the last place I ever drove it to.
(Saturday 20-Nov-2010 12:32:32)

7949-12 high-res image, 7949-13 high-res image, 7949-14 high-res image.
Car is on the tow truck, in the street at the Auto Mall across Edinger. Note address of tow yard is: 2202 W. 5th St., Santa Ana, 714-558-7645.
(Saturday 20-Nov-2010 12:48:35)

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