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7910-137910-13 high-res image
Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada. (Former Bally's/MGM Grand.) My hand is protecting the lens from the rain.
(Sunday 24-Oct-2010 11:58:21)

7910-12 high-res image, 7910-14 high-res image.
The restrooms have no sinks, just a slanted counter.
(Saturday 23-Oct-2010 16:18:49)

7910-017910-01 high-res image
Snafu Con sign. I got to Reno Friday evening, unpacked, and came downstairs to the lower level. The convention was not hard to find.
(Friday 22-Oct-2010 21:13:33)

7910-02 high-res image, 7910-04 high-res image.
Cheyenne Smith and Vandra Landreau, at the "Front Desk." The pre-reg badge pickup table, which was the table closest to the door. This table, facing away from the rest of the convention, is where I spent most of my time.
(Friday 22-Oct-2010 21:16:03)

7910-037910-03 high-res image
Eddie Belicena. Eddie has experience with other conventions, and is one of Snafu Con's co-chairs.
(Friday 22-Oct-2010 21:20:28)

7910-05 high-res image, 7910-06 high-res image.
Jessica Douglas with a doughnut hat.
(Friday 22-Oct-2010 21:25:40)

7910-077910-07 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Eden Gostovich]
(Friday 22-Oct-2010 22:36:42)

7910-087910-08 high-res image
Eden Gostovich. Eden is wearing a green armband, which marks her as a volunteer.
(Friday 22-Oct-2010 22:37:01)

7910-097910-09 high-res image
Dominic Young (DJ Sandman).
(Friday 22-Oct-2010 23:49:28)

7910-107910-10 high-res image
Jared Volk. [Photo by Daemon Snow]
(Saturday 23-Oct-2010 00:35:59)

7910-117910-11 high-res image
Ty something. Ty was in charge of Security and a couple of other departments as well.
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(Saturday 23-Oct-2010 00:45:48)

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