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7858-017858-01 high-res image
Looking over at Denny's and Harrah's.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 14:25:02)

7858-027858-02 high-res image
Mirage lagoon.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 14:27:29)

7858-037858-03 high-res image
Mirgage Lagoon, Harrah's in background.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 14:41:49)

7858-047858-04 high-res image
Mirage Lagoon, Venetian in background.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 14:42)

7858-05 high-res image, 7858-06 high-res image.
Mirage Lagoon, looking at the froggy lights.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 14:43:25)

7858-077858-07 high-res image
Venetian Lagoon.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 14:47:19)

7858-087858-08 high-res image
A bit of the Venetian ceiling mural.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 14:49:56)

7858-097858-09 high-res image
Living statue.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 14:52:17)

7858-107858-10 high-res image
Alien Fresh Jerky, in Baker.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 17:07:47)

7858-127858-12 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg, in Baker.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 17:20:43)

7858-137858-13 high-res image
Chipotle Mexican Grill, in Barstow (Lynwood Road).
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 18:35:17)

7858-157858-15 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg in Chipotle, for the first time anywhere.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 18:36:42)

7858-16 high-res image, 7858-17 high-res image.
Sarah Goldberg and Jackie Rizzo, catching up on their texting.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 18:57:10)

7858-187858-18 high-res image
Jackie Rizzo brandishing a poster.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 21:43:07)

7858-20 high-res image, 7858-21 high-res image.
Sarah Goldberg, catching up on her Facebook.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 21:46:14)

7858-227858-22 high-res image
Lynn Baden and Jackie Rizzo.
(Tuesday 07-Sep-2010 21:48:21)

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