Hanging out with Lynn, Maria, Jarod and Christian (Jul-2010)

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Lynn Baden with a crocheted blanket that is surplus to our needs.
(Sunday 18-Jul-2010 18:25:49)

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This is a nice blanket, but it wasn't made by anyone in our family and doesn't have any sentimental attachment to me.
(Sunday 18-Jul-2010 18:26:08)

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Jarod Nandin stopped by. He has an odd haircut/dye job.
(Sunday 25-Jul-2010 20:15:08)

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Jarod Nandin is impressed by our autographed E.E. "Doc" Smith Lensman books.
(Sunday 25-Jul-2010 20:15:31)

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Christian B. McGuire at Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers.
(Saturday 31-Jul-2010 00:17:26)

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Chaz Boston Baden at Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers. [Photo by Christian B. McGuire]
(Saturday 31-Jul-2010 01:41:42)

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Maria Rodriguez browsing the shelves at Jon's International Marketplace's newest location, at Katella and Magnolia in Garden Grove.
(Saturday 31-Jul-2010 01:41:57)