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7785-017785-01 high-res image
Caitlin Postal, Chaz Boston Baden, and Sarah Goldberg.
(Saturday 26-Jun-2010 20:15:12)

7785-027785-02 high-res image
Caitlin Postal is heading to Westmont for her college.
(Saturday 26-Jun-2010 20:19:06)

7785-03 high-res image, 7785-04 high-res image.
Sean Boundy and his small trebuchet.
(Saturday 26-Jun-2010 20:29:38)

7785-08 high-res image, 7785-05 high-res image, 7785-06 high-res image.
Sean's bedroom.
(Saturday 26-Jun-2010 20:42:54)

7785-09 high-res image, 7785-10 high-res image.
Sarah Goldberg.
(Saturday 26-Jun-2010 22:15:50)

7785-11 high-res image, 7785-12 high-res image.
Sarah Goldberg and someone at the video game; Sean Boundy and Christina Perwich, background.
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(Saturday 26-Jun-2010 22:19:30)

7785-137785-13 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg.
(Saturday 26-Jun-2010 22:24:32)

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