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7775-02 high-res image, 7775-03 high-res image, 7775-04 high-res image.
This "Vitz" car was in the parking lot.
(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 12:56:46)

7775-057775-05 high-res image
20+20+20+20 anniversary sign.
(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 12:58:47)

7775-067775-06 high-res image
Lynn, Michelle Bergdahl, and Kim Bergdahl.
(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 12:58:50)

7775-077775-07 high-res image
Kim Bergdahl.
(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 12:58:55)

7775-087775-08 high-res image
Jerome Scott.
(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 13:00:21)

7775-097775-09 high-res image
Genny Dazzo and Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink.
(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 13:00:30)

7775-10 high-res image, 7775-11 high-res image.
Lighting more coals.
(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 13:00:36)

7775-127775-12 high-res image
Someone and Richard Foss.
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(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 13:00:54)

7775-137775-13 high-res image
Richard Foss, Shawn Crosby, and Craig Miller.
(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 13:01:06)

7775-147775-14 high-res image
Richard Foss and Shawn Crosby.
(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 13:03)

7775-157775-15 high-res image
Charles Matheny.
(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 13:03:05)

7775-167775-16 high-res image
Craig Miller, Charles Matheny.
(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 13:03:10)

7775-177775-17 high-res image
Craig Miller.
(Sunday 11-Jul-2010 13:03:14)

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