Dinner with Alan and Quincy (28-Apr-2010)

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Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney
(Wednesday 28-Apr-2010 18:45:14)

7672-027672-02 high-res image
Alan Lutton and Quincy Mata.
(Wednesday 28-Apr-2010 18:47:58)

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Quincy Mata, Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Alan Lutton]
(Wednesday 28-Apr-2010 18:48:14)

7672-047672-04 high-res image
Alan Lutton.
(Wednesday 28-Apr-2010 18:48:22)

7672-057672-05 high-res image
Joe Cochran.
(Wednesday 28-Apr-2010 18:49:28)

7672-067672-06 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Wednesday 28-Apr-2010 19:00:10)

7672-077672-07 high-res image
Ryan Cabatbat.
(Wednesday 28-Apr-2010 19:22:32)

7672-087672-08 high-res image
Alan Lutton at dinner.
(Wednesday 28-Apr-2010 19:40:42)

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Alan Lutton and Quincy Mata at the end of dinner.
(Wednesday 28-Apr-2010 20:39:46)