Visiting Holiday Park in Carlsbad (21-Feb-2001)

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A very tall climbing tree at Holiday Park, Carlsbad.
(Sunday 21-Feb-2010 17:06:15)

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Elaborate play structure at Holiday Park, Carlsbad.
(Sunday 21-Feb-2010 17:06:42)

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Picnic table.
(Sunday 21-Feb-2010 17:07:02)

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The park is across the street from a residential area.
(Sunday 21-Feb-2010 17:07:10)

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(Sunday 21-Feb-2010 17:07:39)

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Melissa and the tree.
(Sunday 21-Feb-2010 17:08:10)

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A shelter that can be reserved.
(Sunday 21-Feb-2010 17:08:39)

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A gazebo. Beware the dread gazebo!
(Sunday 21-Feb-2010 17:09:58)

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Melissa tries casting a spell to defeat the gazebo.
(Sunday 21-Feb-2010 17:10:17)

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"This bandstand dedicated to the citizens of arlsbad through the efforts of the City of Carlsbad, the Carlbad Board of Realtorrs, local contractors and interested citizens in commemoration of our nation's Bicentennial. July 1976"
(Sunday 21-Feb-2010 17:10:48)

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Melissa DeMello at In-N-Out.
(Sunday 21-Feb-2010 17:46:08)

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Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Melissa De Mello]
(Sunday 21-Feb-2010 17:46:24)