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7565-017565-01 high-res image
The storage unit, full of boxes, before we pull what we need out.
(Monday 18-Jan-2010 10:04:23)

7565-027565-02 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez, putting her injured foot up.
(Monday 18-Jan-2010 10:04:29)

7565-037565-03 high-res image
We've pulled a bunch of things out of the way...
(Monday 18-Jan-2010 10:37:20)

7565-047565-04 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez is still on the sidelines. She's found an interesting book.
(Monday 18-Jan-2010 10:37:26)

7565-057565-05 high-res image
We need to get to the stuff behind these boxes.
(Monday 18-Jan-2010 10:45:17)

7565-06 high-res image, 7565-07 high-res image.
We've pulled Maria's table out!
(Monday 18-Jan-2010 10:58:03)

7565-087565-08 high-res image
These boxes need to be put back...
(Monday 18-Jan-2010 10:58:29)

7565-097565-09 high-res image
We don't actually need the table right now. So we're putting it back. We'll get it the next morning.
(Monday 18-Jan-2010 11:12:26)

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