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Thanks to Sarah Goldberg for caption help on this page.

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Christian B. McGuire and Sarah Goldberg. We've stopped at the Chevron to gas up before tackling the hill.
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 23:36:16)

7512-027512-02 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire with his Mexican-style cake.
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 23:36:29)

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Sarah Goldberg is home, safe and sound.
(Wednesday 30-Dec-2009 00:46:40)

7512-047512-04 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire.
(Wednesday 30-Dec-2009 00:47:06)

7512-057512-05 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden in a kitchen with a very small dining set. [Photo by Christian B. McGuire]
(Wednesday 30-Dec-2009 00:47:27)

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