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Thanks to Sarah Goldberg for caption help on this page.

7511-01 high-res image, 7511-02 high-res image.
Sarah Goldberg with a chocolate chip waffle/chocolate ice cream sandwich.
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 12:10:27)

7511-037511-03 high-res image
Mannequins at Orange Pico.
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 13:29:39)

7511-047511-04 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg and a mannequin for sale.
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 13:30:18)

7511-057511-05 high-res image
Mannequins sitting around.
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 13:30:49)

7511-067511-06 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg holds up a price slip for another mannequin.
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 13:31:28)

7511-077511-07 high-res image
The prices for the floor models and for additional mannequins.
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 13:34:40)

7511-087511-08 high-res image
Gentleman with a folding table.
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 13:47:37)

7511-097511-09 high-res image
The table flips down for regular use.
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 13:47:48)

7511-10 high-res image, 7511-11 high-res image, 7511-12 high-res image, 7511-13 high-res image.
Sarah Goldberg with her purple tiger.
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 15:48:46)

7511-147511-14 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg.
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 15:49:40)

7511-15 high-res image, 7511-16 high-res image.
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Sarah Goldberg]
(Tuesday 29-Dec-2009 15:49:51)

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