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7489-017489-01 high-res image
España Sheriff and Jason Schachat.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 20:11:04)

7489-027489-02 high-res image
Leigh Ann Hildebrand, Sarah Goldberg and Chaz Boston Baden.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 20:11:48)

7489-037489-03 high-res image
Leigh Ann Hildebrand and Chaz Boston Baden.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 20:12:04)

7489-047489-04 high-res image
Leo Schwab.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 20:12:34)

7489-057489-05 high-res image
Patrick Beckstead.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 20:22:02)

7489-067489-06 high-res image
Korinne Wilkening holds Cathy Beckstead, Ben Massoglia, Patrick Beckstead and Sarah Goldberg.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 20:23:10)

7489-077489-07 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 20:44:16)

7489-087489-08 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 21:16:28)

7489-097489-09 high-res image
Leo Schwab, Jason Schachat.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 21:16:38)

7489-107489-10 high-res image
Melissa DeMello, España Sheriff and Leigh Ann Hildebrand.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 21:16:48)

7489-117489-11 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden and Sarah Goldberg.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 21:17:04)

7489-127489-12 high-res image
Michael Siladi.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 21:17:36)

7489-137489-13 high-res image
Ben Massoglia and Kris Bauer, starting a Mah Jongg game in the lobby.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 21:17:48)

7489-147489-14 high-res image
Melissa DeMello, Patrick Beckstead, Sarah Goldberg and Ben's earring. The Mah Jongg game is about to commence.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 21:18:06)

7489-157489-15 high-res image
Michael Thorsen.
(Sunday 29-Nov-2009 21:18:18)

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