Freeway Service Patrol, and Dinner with Maria (11/13-Sep-2009)

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Early one evening, I had a flat tire on the freeway. I called AAA, but before they could get there the Freeway Service Patrol found me.
(Friday 11-Sep-2009 18:55:54)

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Cipriano, and Hadley Tow, are under contract with the Orange County Transportation Authority, CHP and CalTrans to keep the freeways flowing during rush hours.
(Friday 11-Sep-2009 18:56:03)

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This is the "secret compartment" that the spare "doughnut" hides in.
(Friday 11-Sep-2009 18:56:13)

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Cipriano didn't take long to get my dead tire off of the car and the "doughnut" spare on.
(Friday 11-Sep-2009 18:57:11)

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Cipriano, working on my flat.
(Friday 11-Sep-2009 18:58:51)

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Maria Rodriguez joined us for dinner at Ruby's one night.
(Sunday 13-Sep-2009 20:01:25)

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Lynn Baden, Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Maria Rodriguez]
(Sunday 13-Sep-2009 20:01:58)