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7345-017345-01 high-res image
I got this canvas bag for volunteering, and I bought the blue and purple tiki mugs for Lynn.
(Tuesday 18-Aug-2009 11:50:17)

7345-027345-02 high-res image
I received all of these as souvenirs. The "Don Ho" glass was given to me with a "Hibiscus Hula" in it.
(Tuesday 18-Aug-2009 11:51:07)

7345-03 high-res image, 7345-04 high-res image.
The black "Limoncello Lounge" shotglass was handed to me, full of limoncello over crushed ice, on Friday night.
(Tuesday 18-Aug-2009 11:51:15)

7345-05 high-res image, 7345-06 high-res image.
The clear tiki bird shot glass was given to me in my volunteer "goodie bag."
(Tuesday 18-Aug-2009 11:51:39)

7345-077345-07 high-res image
I got Thee Swank Bastards and Frankie's Tiki Room stickers at that party; the other two stickers came in my goodie bag.
(Wednesday 19-Aug-2009 11:39:21)

7345-09 high-res image, 7345-08 high-res image.
The "Tommy Bahama" cologne sample was another freebie in the swag bag.
(Wednesday 19-Aug-2009 11:39:41)

7345-107345-10 high-res image
A "Voodoo Tiki Tequila" keychain, a program book, a "Tiki Gogo" recipe, and other stuff from the souvenir swag.
(Wednesday 19-Aug-2009 11:40:11)

7345-117345-11 high-res image
The Spencers "Boobies Make Me Smile!" Foundation had an "I (heart) Boobies" bracelet.
(Wednesday 19-Aug-2009 11:40:36)

7345-127345-12 high-res image
A Trader Vic's Parrot on a Stick; and a tiki luggage tag.
(Wednesday 19-Aug-2009 11:40:46)

7345-137345-13 high-res image
The "Toes on the Nose" coolie came with the tikibird shotglass in it.
(Wednesday 19-Aug-2009 11:41:06)

7345-157345-15 high-res image
"Jolly Roger Coconut and Key Lime Rum."
(Wednesday 19-Aug-2009 11:43:14)

7345-167345-16 high-res image
SPF 15 Sunscreen, Bacardi Mojito flavor.
(Wednesday 19-Aug-2009 11:43:28)

7345-177345-17 high-res image
A Fez-o-Rama coaster. I can use this at work.
(Wednesday 19-Aug-2009 11:44:47)

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