Dinner with Maria (29-Jul-2009)

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This car, California license plate 5PDE474, was driving unsafely in front of me, including using the shoulder as a passing lane more than once.
(Wednesday 29-Jul-2009 18:44:57)

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"Oh Those Donuts and Deli Sandwiches" in Costa Mesa, where we sometimes have a meal before/after going to the hospital.
(Wednesday 29-Jul-2009 19:31:34)

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Maria Rodriguez.
(Wednesday 29-Jul-2009 20:23:03)

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Lynn Baden.
(Wednesday 29-Jul-2009 20:23:13)

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Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Wednesday 29-Jul-2009 20:23:21)

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Lynn Baden.
(Wednesday 29-Jul-2009 20:23:28)