Pool Party at the Tower (26-Jul-2009)

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7285-017285-01 high-res image
Alexandra and Kimberlee walk past Jordan Brown and son in the pool.
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(Sunday 26-Jul-2009 15:59:18)

7285-027285-02 high-res image
Alexandra and Kimberlee walk past Jordan Brown.
(Sunday 26-Jul-2009 15:59:48)

7285-037285-03 high-res image
Kimberlee, Alexandra Brown, and Jordan.
(Sunday 26-Jul-2009 15:59:58)

7285-047285-04 high-res image
Scott Beckstead.
(Sunday 26-Jul-2009 16:01:35)

7285-057285-05 high-res image
Sandy in background, and Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 26-Jul-2009 16:01:59)

7285-067285-06 high-res image
Lex in the kitchen.
(Sunday 26-Jul-2009 18:18:15)

7285-077285-07 high-res image
"Happy Birthday Jordan."
(Sunday 26-Jul-2009 19:00:57)

7285-087285-08 high-res image
Kimberlee Brown lighting the birthday cake.
(Sunday 26-Jul-2009 19:02:41)

7285-09 high-res image, 7285-10 high-res image.
Lighting the birthday cake.
(Sunday 26-Jul-2009 19:03:22)

7285-117285-11 high-res image
Jordan Brown blows out his candles.
(Sunday 26-Jul-2009 19:04:05)

7285-127285-12 high-res image
Grant David Brown watches as Jordan Brown blows out the candles.
(Sunday 26-Jul-2009 19:04:09)

7285-137285-13 high-res image
Back at home, Tiffany (Neo_Serenity) has a spiffy "Star Trek - Comic-Con 2009" souvenir, suitable for taking to a baseball game.
(Sunday 26-Jul-2009 21:09:13)