Ice Cream with Sylvia (07-Jun-2009)

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7211-017211-01 high-res image
Stopping at Sylvia's house.
(Sunday 07-Jun-2009 13:28)

7211-027211-02 high-res image
Garage contents, to be sorted.
(Sunday 07-Jun-2009 13:28:36)

7211-037211-03 high-res image
Cold Stone Creamery, Torrance.
(Sunday 07-Jun-2009 15:37:02)

7211-047211-04 high-res image
Lynn Baden. Sylvia in background.
(Sunday 07-Jun-2009 15:37:10)

7211-057211-05 high-res image
Sylvia Boston.
(Sunday 07-Jun-2009 15:37:26)

7211-067211-06 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 07-Jun-2009 15:38:04)

7211-077211-07 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 07-Jun-2009 15:38:12)

7211-087211-08 high-res image
Flavors at Cold Stone Creamery, Torrance.
(Sunday 07-Jun-2009 15:38:48)