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6990-016990-01 high-res image
Lynn Baden, Melissa DeMello.
(Saturday 16-May-2009 13:07:08)

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Chaz Boston Baden, Melissa DeMello. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Saturday 16-May-2009 13:07:32)

6990-036990-03 high-res image
Oxnard Transportation Center. SCAT bus, Greyhold bus, Metrolink and Amtrak trains.
(Saturday 16-May-2009 13:15:32)

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"California Strawberry Festival. To return to shuttle bus, exit Festival through the BLUE gate. Last bus leaves Festival at 6:30 p.m."
(Saturday 16-May-2009 13:35:18)

6990-056990-05 high-res image
"OXNARD TRANSPORTATION CENTER (AMTRAK)" canopy for our bus stop.
(Saturday 16-May-2009 13:35:30)

6990-066990-06 high-res image
PODS demo unit.
(Saturday 16-May-2009 13:41:16)

6990-076990-07 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire. Joyce and Lynn hug in background.
(Saturday 16-May-2009 13:41:34)

6990-086990-08 high-res image
Joyce Hooper.
(Saturday 16-May-2009 13:41:46)

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