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6956-016956-01 high-res image
Melissa's truck (full of equipment), Nikki's car, and Nikki Costa. Note waterbottle refilled with pink lemonade.
(Sunday 03-May-2009 10:08:04)

6956-026956-02 high-res image
Saltine is full. The big duffle is blocking any rear view, but there's room for Sarah and her luggage.
(Sunday 03-May-2009 10:08:32)

6956-036956-03 high-res image
Carissa's front door.
(Sunday 03-May-2009 10:27:16)

6956-046956-04 high-res image
Lynn Baden and Duchess Edwards.
(Sunday 03-May-2009 10:27:38)

6956-056956-05 high-res image
Nikki Costa and Melissa DeMello, the Starscream Twins.
(Sunday 03-May-2009 10:27:42)

6956-06 high-res image, 6956-07 high-res image.
Nikki Costa, Carissa Edwards and Melissa DeMello.
(Sunday 03-May-2009 10:27:50)

6956-086956-08 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg with most of her luggage.
(Sunday 03-May-2009 10:28:28)

6956-096956-09 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 03-May-2009 10:29)

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