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6955-12 high-res image, 6955-01 high-res image.
Carissa Edwards, Melissa DeMello and Nikki Costa, singing a Megatron song.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 20:34:48)

6955-026955-02 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg, Random High School Girl #12 in the Ensemble.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 20:35:30)

6955-036955-03 high-res image
Melissa and the program books.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 20:35:54)

6955-046955-04 high-res image
Sarah signing a program.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 20:36:28)

6955-05 high-res image, 6955-06 high-res image.
Danny Soto.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 20:38:04)

6955-07 high-res image, 6955-08 high-res image, 6955-09 high-res image.
Steven, the teenage mutant zombie.
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(Saturday 02-May-2009 20:38:36)

6955-10 high-res image, 6955-11 high-res image.
Matthew Nystrom and Danny Soto.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 20:40:18)

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