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6935-096935-09 high-res image
Spring Hill Suites Marriott, Bakersfield.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 09:47:56)

6935-016935-01 high-res image
Melissa DeMello and Carissa Edwards, at breakfast.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 09:11:42)

6935-026935-02 high-res image
Nikki Costa at breakfast.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 09:12)

6935-036935-03 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 09:12:14)

6935-046935-04 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Saturday 02-May-2009 09:12:26)

6935-056935-05 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg
(Saturday 02-May-2009 09:12:34)

6935-066935-06 high-res image
Nikki Costa and Melissa DeMello read the article about Zombie Prom.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 09:23:34)

6935-07 high-res image, 6935-08 high-res image.
Melissa DeMello.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 09:44:16)

6935-10 high-res image, 6935-11 high-res image.
Carissa Edwards brushing Sarah's hair.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 09:48:14)

6935-126935-12 high-res image
Sarah and Carissa Edwards.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 09:48:24)

6935-13 high-res image, 6935-14 high-res image, 6935-15 high-res image.
Sarah and Carissa.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 09:48:24)

6935-166935-16 high-res image
Nikki Costa.
(Saturday 02-May-2009 10:20:06)

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