A stop at the PODS Warehouse (13-Apr-2009)

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6891-016891-01 high-res image
PODS "Portable On Demand Storage" warehouse in Compton.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 09:57:12)

6891-026891-02 high-res image
Forklift operator moving a PODS Pod in the parking lot.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 09:58:18)

6891-036891-03 high-res image
Lots of Pods in the loading area. I suspect all of them are empty, waiting to be delivered and filled.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 09:58:46)

6891-046891-04 high-res image
We've got the lock off, but we can't get it open!
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:18:48)

6891-056891-05 high-res image
Oh, this is interesting, the door is off the track and the frame is bent.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:18:54)

6891-066891-06 high-res image
Here you can see the track -- note that it looks different from the right side.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:19:08)

6891-07 high-res image, 6891-08 high-res image.
The forklift driver is trying to shake the Pod to dislodge anything wedged against the inside of the roll-up door.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:21:12)

6891-096891-09 high-res image
The handle is bent. Clearly something slammed into the Pod unit somewhere along the line.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:23:58)

6891-106891-10 high-res image
The employee fusses with a crowbar or two to get the door open.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:24:04)

6891-11 high-res image, 6891-12 high-res image.
Henry and the employee look at the damage.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:24:46)

6891-136891-13 high-res image
There's this big pinball machine that needs to be moved to south Orange County.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:26:36)

6891-14 high-res image, 6891-15 high-res image.
It appears that the back end is all beanbag chairs, with some televisions tossed on top.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:28:08)

One big problem with using beanbags for packing material instead of strapping everything down is that when we pull the beanbags out to loan them to Loscon, everything left in the Pod will be completely vulnerable... That, and we can't easily get anything else out of the unit that's not loaded in the very front.

6891-166891-16 high-res image
Melissa DeMello trying to figure out what's in that end of the Pod.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:30:46)

6891-17 high-res image, 6891-18 high-res image.
Melissa DeMello extricating herself from the beanbags.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:31:36)

6891-196891-19 high-res image
Henry Sierra.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:43:16)

6891-206891-20 high-res image
Melissa DeMello.
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 10:43:20)

6891-216891-21 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Melissa De Mello]
(Monday 13-Apr-2009 11:01:08)