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6839-016839-01 high-res image
Sherri Benoun.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 16:26:07)

6839-026839-02 high-res image
Eris Young fits in the box.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 16:42:41)

6839-036839-03 high-res image
Ice and Eris Young breaking down the boxes.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 16:45:39)

6839-046839-04 high-res image
Eris Young and a Snapple "English Breakfast" tea.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 16:46:21)

6839-056839-05 high-res image
Our picnic site at the end of the day. We're almost done with the place, so we've told another group (a birthday party) that they can start moving in.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 16:46:44)

6839-066839-06 high-res image
Sherri Benoun and Martin Young cleaning up.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 16:46:50)

6839-076839-07 high-res image
Someone and somebody. They just arrived; they'd been told the picnic started at 4 o'clock!
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(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 16:50:20)

6839-086839-08 high-res image
Martin Young.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 16:56:35)

6839-096839-09 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Martin Young]
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 16:56:57)

6839-106839-10 high-res image
Martin Young, loading his car back up.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 16:57:15)

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