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6830-016830-01 high-res image
Martin Young, unloading his car at Pearson Park.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 11:01:49)

6830-026830-02 high-res image
First cartload of material from my car.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 11:01:53)

6830-036830-03 high-res image
This box has the new canopy frame for the Animé Los Angeles canopy.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 11:26:57)

6830-046830-04 high-res image
Tony Benoun lives nearby, and came to help. Martin brought the brick red rattan chairs you see in the background.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 11:27:02)

6830-056830-05 high-res image
Synthia McCrocklin.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 12:52:01)

6830-066830-06 high-res image
John McCrocklin.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 12:52:05)

6830-076830-07 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 12:52:11)

6830-086830-08 high-res image
Heidi Dawson and Synthia McCrocklin.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 12:52:19)

6830-096830-09 high-res image
A dustdevil on the ballground.
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 12:52:29)

6830-106830-10 high-res image
Big open space, windy day, dust devil...
(Saturday 04-Apr-2009 12:52:35)

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