SPJA offices on a Wednesday Night (25-Mar-2009)

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6825-016825-01 high-res image
Marc Perez at SPJA offices.
(Wednesday 25-Mar-2009 20:49:04)

6825-026825-02 high-res image
Jo Ann Faustino.
(Wednesday 25-Mar-2009 20:49:25)

6825-036825-03 high-res image
Jo Ann Faustino and Melissa working on the printer.
(Wednesday 25-Mar-2009 20:49:40)

6825-046825-04 high-res image
Jo Ann, wondering how Melissa managed to fit back there.
(Wednesday 25-Mar-2009 20:49:54)

6825-056825-05 high-res image
Nami and Marc Perez.
(Wednesday 25-Mar-2009 20:49:58)

6825-066825-06 high-res image
Nami and Jo Ann.
(Wednesday 25-Mar-2009 20:52:48)

6825-076825-07 high-res image
Melissa DeMello and an ice cream sandwich made with two chocolate chip cookies.
(Wednesday 25-Mar-2009 22:26:40)

6825-086825-08 high-res image
Marc Perez.
(Wednesday 25-Mar-2009 22:43:42)

6825-096825-09 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Marc Perez]
(Wednesday 25-Mar-2009 22:43:58)