Looking at L.A. Live (21-Mar-2009)

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Parking Saltine. I've got an hour on the meter.
(Saturday 21-Mar-2009 13:12:26)

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Big "Target" advertisement on the corner of the "L.A. Live" complex.
(Saturday 21-Mar-2009 13:16:34)

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The J.W. Marriott at L.A. Live.
(Saturday 21-Mar-2009 13:16:46)

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"J.W. Marriott." Looks like it's ready, doesn't it. Although the tall tower next to it isn't closed up yet.
(Saturday 21-Mar-2009 13:17:22)

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The Holiday Inn across the street is still the closest hotel to the Los Angeles Convention Center.
(Saturday 21-Mar-2009 13:18:14)

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"L.A. Live" angel decorations.
(Saturday 21-Mar-2009 13:20:10)

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Looking at the J.W. Marriott -- where you'd expect to see the main entrance. It's not ready.
(Saturday 21-Mar-2009 13:20:36)

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Looking across the street at the STAPLES Center, next to the Los Angeles Convention Center (not shown).
(Saturday 21-Mar-2009 13:24:48)

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Looking at the "L.A. Live" plaza area. Note big loud speakers, and the advertising screens. Non-stop obtrusive advertising. Not a lot of places to stop and sit, but given the environment you wouldn't really want to.
(Saturday 21-Mar-2009 13:24:58)

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Walking back to my car. The Holiday Inn is just across the street from the east side of the L.A. Live compound.
(Saturday 21-Mar-2009 13:29:04)