Video Game Equipment (19-Mar-2009) New 2009-03-19

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Rev. 19-Mar-2009 18:53:50

6774-016774-01 high-res image
Joey's house.
(Thursday 19-Mar-2009 15:13:14)

6774-046774-04 high-res image
Terminal strips.
(Thursday 19-Mar-2009 15:17:48)

6774-056774-05 high-res image
Joey Vargas and the equipment I've left with him. Most of it's his.
(Thursday 19-Mar-2009 15:24:32)

6774-066774-06 high-res image
This adaptor gizmo belongs to Chris, we hear.
(Thursday 19-Mar-2009 15:24:42)

6774-076774-07 high-res image
This Dreamcast belongs to Masoud.
(Thursday 19-Mar-2009 15:25:02)

6774-086774-08 high-res image
We don't know who this SONY controller belongs to.
(Thursday 19-Mar-2009 15:25:26)

6774-096774-09 high-res image
We don't know what this cable goes to. Could be a boombox...
(Thursday 19-Mar-2009 15:25:48)

6774-106774-10 high-res image
These cheap controllers belong to someone, but who?
(Thursday 19-Mar-2009 15:26:06)

6774-116774-11 high-res image
We don't know who owns this Game Cube controller.
(Thursday 19-Mar-2009 15:26:26)