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6710-016710-01 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg, catching up on her e-mail and LiveJournal.
(Sunday 15-Feb-2009 21:57:23)

6710-026710-02 high-res image
Sarah, sleeping in. My parents brought back that very heavy wool blanket from China about two decades ago. Maybe two and a half.
(Monday 16-Feb-2009 09:34:52)

6710-036710-03 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg and Lynn Baden.
(Monday 16-Feb-2009 13:37)

6710-046710-04 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg and Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Monday 16-Feb-2009 13:37:24)

6710-056710-05 high-res image
A rainy day at "Anaheim Gardenwalk."
(Monday 16-Feb-2009 13:38:22)

6710-066710-06 high-res image
The fountain at Anaheim Gardenwalk. Still running, even in the rain.
(Monday 16-Feb-2009 13:39:30)

6710-076710-07 high-res image
"Kate and Ella 1895." The sisters that Katella Avenue are named for.
(Monday 16-Feb-2009 13:39:40)

6710-086710-08 high-res image
Kate and Ella. Or possibly Ella and Kate.
(Monday 16-Feb-2009 13:39:56)

6710-096710-09 high-res image
Johnny Rockets, part of the upstairs food court at Anaheim Gardenwalk.
(Monday 16-Feb-2009 13:47:58)

6710-106710-10 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg and Lynn Baden at Johnny Rockets, Anaheim Gardenwalk.
(Monday 16-Feb-2009 13:56:10)

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