Shirt and Tie (Feb-2009)

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Chaz Boston Baden. I wore a shirt and a purple tie to work that day. Our company had merged with another one, and the new corporate masters were coming to inspect the plant that week.
(Monday 09-Feb-2009 21:18:30)

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Chaz Boston Baden. I wore a different tie on Tuesday. This one is an M.C. Escher design, with the interlocking geckos. When I got home, I recreated my "Professor Grindlewald of Hogwarts" costume for these pictures.
(Tuesday 10-Feb-2009 22:41:40)

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Chaz's shoes. For some people, the idea of a gay wizard is really scary.
(Tuesday 10-Feb-2009 22:43:46)

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Closeup of my badge. For other people, the idea of a dark wizard like Grindlewald teaching at Hogwarts is truly scary.
(Tuesday 10-Feb-2009 22:46:02)

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Chaz Boston Baden. On the third day, I wore my "wizard" tie to work. I'm leaning because.... I don't know why I'm leaning, actually.
(Wednesday 11-Feb-2009 11:36:12)

I was wearing ties this week because our very important super continental masters were visiting. By the third day, some of my cow-orkers were starting to freak out mildly, because it's rare for me to wear a dress shirt to work, to say nothing of actually having a tie to go with it!