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6552-016552-01 high-res image
Saltine, in the parking lot at the LAX Marriott.
(Friday 28-Nov-2008 11:25:32)

6552-026552-02 high-res image
Saltine and the Penske rental truck.
(Friday 28-Nov-2008 11:25:42)

6552-036552-03 high-res image
Wil Baden.
(Friday 28-Nov-2008 11:35:12)

6552-04 high-res image, 6552-05 high-res image.
Jocelyn Baden.
(Friday 28-Nov-2008 11:35:22)

6552-066552-06 high-res image
Anastasia Hunter.
(Friday 28-Nov-2008 11:36:20)

6552-076552-07 high-res image
Amy Calcote, Colleen Crosby and someone.
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(Friday 28-Nov-2008 11:37:10)

6552-086552-08 high-res image
Michelle Pincus.
(Friday 28-Nov-2008 11:37:18)

6552-096552-09 high-res image
Cathy Beckstead and Joyce Hooper, chairs of the convention. Photo taken in the Fanzine Lounge/Costume Repair Station room.
(Friday 28-Nov-2008 11:41:12)

6552-106552-10 high-res image
Chris Garcia, in the Fanzine Lounge.
(Friday 28-Nov-2008 11:41:22)

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