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6503-016503-01 high-res image
Art bench in Chicago.
(Friday 23-May-2008 13:07:58)

6503-026503-02 high-res image
Another art bench in Chicago.
(Friday 23-May-2008 13:08:12)

6503-036503-03 high-res image
Art bench, when we changed planes in Chicago.
(Friday 23-May-2008 13:08:30)

6503-046503-04 high-res image
Chicago airport, art bench.
(Friday 23-May-2008 13:08:42)

6503-056503-05 high-res image
Art bench in use.
(Friday 23-May-2008 13:08:48)

6503-066503-06 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez, Lynn Baden.
(Friday 23-May-2008 13:44:30)

6503-076503-07 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Friday 23-May-2008 13:44:44)

6503-086503-08 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Friday 23-May-2008 13:44:52)

6503-096503-09 high-res image
Rachel Silber and phi (Nicholas Shectman).
(Friday 23-May-2008 17:21:08)

6503-106503-10 high-res image
Helen Keeble, who was looking for Marshmallow Peeps and other treats.
(Friday 23-May-2008 17:27:32)

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